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SH Gasoline/User-friendly snowblower with automatic operation buttons

SH Gasoline

Maximum output 13 ps / 12.9 hp
Clearing width 900 mm / 35.4 inc

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The details of the following functionalities are displayed when you place the cursor on the icons.

HST zero start Stepless transmission  Independent movable auger Full electric shooter Automatic vehicle speed control Snowmatic Back autolift

Hugely Destructive Auger

All "Fujii Snow Rotary"s are two-stage snowblower and equipped with a large-diameter augers. The augers are supported at both sides. It gives the augers hugely destructive power.

Automatic Driving Speed Control

*SH913MRA2 is equipped with the function, controingl driving speed automatically by snow condition.A function to automatically control the vehicle speed according to the quality and quantity of snow.

User-friendly buttun,"Easy" buttun

*Push the buttun. It control automatically "Snowmatic"and "Back Auto Lift" .

Features for operability and safety

*HST Zero Start : HST lever return to stop position when driving clutch is off to avoid a sudden start.

*Independently-movable working part keeps the steering wheel at a constant height, and it makes a operator keep comfortable position.

*It adopts boat-shaped crawler that is effective to move backward.

Engine Model Mitsubishi GB400LE-801
Type Air-cooled G
1 cylinder
Maximum output
9.6 kW / 13.0 PS / 12.9 HP
Type 6.0 L / 1.6 gal
Start-up system Starter motor
Displacement 391 cc
Performance Clearing width 900 mm / 35.4 in
Clearing height 570 mm / 22.4 in
Maximum clearing capacity 80 t/h
Maximum throwing distance 18 m / 19.7 yd
Lift Electric hydrauric
Rolling Electric hydrauric
Chute adjustment Electric
Dimentions Total length 1680 mm / 66.1 in
Total width 900 mm / 35.4 in
Total height 1600 mm / 63.0 in
Total weight 307 kg / 677 lbs
Travel section Speeds Hydrostatic/variable speed
Crawler width 200 mm / 7.9 in
Side clutch Dog clutch

*Figures in parentheses for clearing height apply when the optional extension auger housing or auger housing guard is mounted.
*The dimension with the deflector folded down is the actual measurement.

Photo Priduct name Remarks
Extension auger housing Extension auger housing  
Side marker Side marker (1 piece)  
Seat cover  
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