We gathered freqently asked question.
Please refer this in case you have a question or trouble about Snowblower.

Q1. Can it blow a snow fell from a roof?

We recommend to use middle / Large size snow blower as a snow fell from a roof from a roof is normally hard and firm.

Q2. Can it blow a wet and hard snow?

Fujii's Snowblower are designes to blow a wet and hard snow. We recommend to use Middle / Large size snowblowers especially end of winter beinning of spring when a snow become wet and hard.

Q3. Can it blow a snow over a greenhouse?

Though depend on a snow and condition, large-size Snowblower can blow asnow about 25m so you can blow a snow over a greenhouse.

Q4.Which is good ? Gasoline or Diesel?

Advantage of Diesel is persistence of work, easy to maintain and fuel cost is reasonable. However, it can be expensive. Advantage of Gasoline is reasonable price, however it need regular mauntainance and high price of fuel.
Please choose for your purpose and cost.

Q5. Is there rolling device?

Except SA and SK, rolling device is installed.

Q6.How far can it blow a snow?

It depends on snow quality, work condition though,Large-size 0-25m, Middle-size 0-18m, small-size 0-15.

Q7. What is the defference Single and Double auger?

Upper auger of double auger is capable for only soft snow, not for a snow fell from a roof,wet and hard snow.
Fujii's snowblower installed large single auger which can blow soft and hard snow with similar snow blow height to double auger snowblower.

Q8. How many hours can it be used when the fuel tank is full?

Apporoximate hours depend on condition of snow and work,

  • SF 2.8-3.7h
  • SE 3.1-4.0h
  • SD Diesel 5.1-6.6h
  • SD Gasoline 2.5-3.3h
  • Si 17ps 3.5-4.6h / 13ps 1.6-2.1h
  • SH 13ps 1.6-2.1h
  • Sk 2.1-2.7h
  • SA 2.7-3.5h
Q9.Is there any other usage?

Only for snowblowing.

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