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Fujii Corporation Co., Ltd. fully understands the intent of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and appropriately manages the information provided by customers by implementing adequate measures to prevent the leak and misappropriation.

Daisuke Fujii,
Representative Director, Fujii Corporation Co., Ltd.

We make an effective use of the information provided by customers in developing new products and improving existing products. When launching new products, we also utilize the information to send out the latest information on products and services for the convenience of customers.

The information is entered into the computer by selected employees and all such information is processed internally by the employees. We do not outsource the work to external information processing companies. The information is processed and managed with the office computer loaded with a complete security system.

We utilize the information only internally and do not disclose or provide it to the third party. We do not intend to disclose or provide it to the third party also in the future.

Only the postcards attached to the products are used to collect information from customers.We do not use the Internet to collect customer information. The postcards that have been sent to us are kept under lock and key for a certain period of time, and then they are shredded by the employees in charge of information management.

If you wish to confirm or correct the information kept by us, please contact the section in charge of handling inquiries on the privacy policy.

Administration Department,Fujii Corporation Co., Ltd.
0256-64-5511 (Switchboard number) / Fax: 0256-66-1026

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