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Ride on Mower production proxess

Cutting Material

Cutting Material

Steel sheets are uncoiled, and then cut in to various sizes.

Cutting Material Image

Press stamping

Press stamping

The steel sheets are stamped into different shapes.

Press stamping Image

Welding, painting, assembly, and Inspection


To check appearance of oneself by a full-length mirror, to ensure the sure awareness for the quality.

(2)Washing hands

When we go in and out from the factory, we wash our hands not to bring dust.

Material Handling
(3)Material Handling

(1)To receive and take out production spare parts and to take out spare parts of one piece to each process.
(2)To inform a delivery date and place on a company HP.

Material Handling Image

To process one piece set for mixed type production by our original automatic welding system.
FMS(Flexible Manufacturing System) factory.



Welding image


To use environment friendly powder paiant without VOC(which is harmful by human body).
Recycle the wasted paint as "Eco painting" using to the parts around engine.


Assembly workers carefully assemble machines one by one with their bare hands.

Assembly Assembly Assembly Assembly Assembly Assembly
Assembly image

Inspect all machines individually to ensure the quality is met with Fujii standard.

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