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Si Diesel/Powerful Performance with Water-Cooled Diesel Engine.

Si Gasoline

Maximum output13.7ps/13.5hp
Clearing width1000mm/39.4in


The details of the following functionalities are displayed when you place the cursor on the icons.

HST zero start Stepless transmission Parking brake / Clutch movement Full electric shooter
new chuter
New chute"Miracle Throwing"

Large increase of throwing distance!

New chuter can throw Any snow; fresh snow,lingering snow and so on. You can easily throw snow over the wall.


Hugely Destructive Auger

All "Fujii Snow Rotary"s are two-stage snowblower and equipped with a large-diameter augers. The augers are supported at both sides. It gives the augers hugely destructive power.

Two-point support track roller
Double-Support Track Roller

The track rollers of large- and medium-size machines are supported at both sides to ensure stability.

High reliability & enhanced feature

*HST zero start: HST lever return to stop position when driving clutch is off to avoid a sudden start.

Engine Model Kubota Z602-E3B
Type Water-cooled
2-cylinder diesel
Maximum output
10.1kW / 13.7PS / 13.5HP
Fuel tank capacity 25.0L / 6.6U.S.gal.
Start-up system Starter-motor
Displacement 599cc
Performance Clearing width 1000mm / 39.4in
Clearing height 570mm / 22.4in
Maximum clearing capacity 100t/h
Maximum throwing distance 20m / 21.9yd
Snow removing part Lift Hydraulic
Rolling Hydraulic
Chute adjustment Electric
Dimention Total length 2170mm / 85.4in
Total width 1000mm / 39.4in
Total height 1685mm / 66.3in
Total weight 503kg /1109.1lbs.
Driving part Speeds Hydrostatic/ Variable speed
Crawler width 200mm / 7.9in
Side clutch Dog clutch

*Figures in parentheses for clearing height apply when the optional extension auger housing or auger housing guard is mounted.

*All the diesel engines comply with the vehicle emission standard.
*The dimension with the deflector folded down is the actual measurement.

Photo Product name Remarks
Extension auger housing Extension auger housing  
Side marker Side marker(1 piece)  
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