Snow Plow/Easy operation with hydraulic equipment – Fujii Snow Plow

Snow Plow
Whole Right side Front
Left side Rear Operation panel
Top Operator's view Engine

Maximum output8.0ps
Maximum Clearing width1400mm

User's comments

Plow angle

Plow angle can be adjusted up to a maximum of 45 degrees to the right or left. Clearing width can be adjusted to 980 – 1400 mm according to the plow angle.

Plow wrist angle

Plow wrist angle can be adjusted between -1.5 and 70 degrees. Since the adjustment can be done simply by operating the lever, the Snow Plow enables you to remove snow easily even from rough areas.

Moving plow part

You can move the plow part up and down to dump the removed snow by operating the lever. The maximum lift height is designed to be as high as 800 mm for easy loading of light trucks with removed snow.

Model MDP1408M
Machine dimension
(total length x total width x total height) (mm)
1952 x 1400 x 1027
Machine weight(kg) 400
Transmission steps HST stepless transmission
Engine EngineModel Mitsbishi GM291L
Engine type Air-cooled single cylinder OHV Gasoline Engine
Maximum output
Type Cell starter
Snow removing part Clearing width(mm) 980 - 1400
Maximum clearing height(mm) 400
Swing angle 45 degrees (each to the left and right)
Lift angle -1.5 – 70 degrees
Maximum left height(mm) 800
Maximum lift weight(kg) 100
Lift/ swing Hydraulic
Dump angle -70 degrees

*The specification and appearance may be revised for improvement without notice.

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