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SF Diesel-Powerful and able to remove even hard snow with a large-diameter single-stage auger

SF Diesel photo
Whole Right side Front
Left side Rear Operation panel
Top Operatorfs view Engine

Maximum output44ps/44.6hp
Clearing width1200mm/47.2inc

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The details of the following functionalities are displayed when you place the cursor on the icons.

HST zero start Wet disk / Side clutch Movavle trank roller Stepless transmission Full electric shooter Release lever / Blower brake 3-point deadman Parking brake / Clutch movement Afterglow panel light Foot light

Special function for SF1244DK2-A

Snowmatic plus Lock-on function Back autoliftAlarm horn  Back buzzer Fuel tank stand, tool holder

Powerful and Clear

All "Fujii Snow Rotary"s are two-stage snowblower and equipped with a large-diameter augers. Snowmatic plus(automatic horizonatal and vertical auger control) and Back autolift(automatic auger rasing at reversing) makes you removing snow like a professional. (only SF1244DK2-A)

Two-point support trank roller
Double-Support Track Roller

The track rollers of large- and medium-size machines are supported at both sides to ensure.

Blower brake release lever
Blower Brake Release Lever

You can release the blower brake with lever to replace the shear bolts easily.

Three-point deadman clutch
Three-Point Deadman

You can engage the clutch with gripping 1)Loop handle, 2) HST lever or 3) Hydraulic lever.

Engine Model Kubota V2203-EDM
Type Water-cooled D
4 cylinders
Maximum output
32.4kW / 44.0PS / 43.5HP
Fuel tank capacity 25.0l / 6.6gal
Start-up system starter motor
Displacement 2197cc
Performance Clearing width 1200mm / 47.2in
Clearing height 700mm / 27.6in
Maximum clearing capacity 275t/h
Maximum throw distance 30m / 32.8yd
Snow removing part Lift Hydrauric
Roling Hydrauric
Chute adjustment Electric
Dimension Total length 2720mm / 107.1in
Total width 1210mm/ 47.6in
Total height
2010mm / 79.5in
Total weight 1105kg / 2436.5lbs
Driving part Speed Hydraulic / Variable speed

Crawler width 300mm / 11.8in
Side clutch Wet clutch

*All the diesel engines comply with the vehicle emission standard.

photo Product name Remarks
Short shooter Short chute  
 Extension auger housing Extension auger housing  
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