SG Gasoline/Powerful and easy to operation

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Maximum output10ps/10.1hp
Clearing width800mm/31.5inc

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Stepless transmission Full electric shooter
Sturdy design withstanding tough work [Auger]

Fujii employs large-diameter single-stage augers for all its snowblowers for their high biting performance. The augers are supported at both ends for all the models and excel in destructive power.

Easy operation (as easy as conventional machines)

*The shooter can be easily adjusted by moving an electric lever.

*Operation speed can be controlled steplessly with the HST lever. Smooth switching between forward and backward movement.

*The auger part can be moved up and down effortlessly with a power-assist lever.

Performance Clearing width 800mm / 31.5in
Clearing height 510mm / 20.1in
Maximum clearing capacity 60t/h
Maximum throwing distance 15m / 16.4yd
Dimension Total length 1470mm / 57.9in
Total width 800mm / 31.5in
Total height 1160mm / 45.7in
Total weight 168kg / 370.4lbs
Engine Model Mitsubishi GM301
Type Air-cooled G
Maximum output
7.4kW / 10.0PS / 9.9HP
Fuel tank capacity 6.0l / 1.6gal
Start-up system Cell motor
Snow removing part Lift Lift lever
(Free lock)
Rolling -
Shooter adjustment Electric
Traveling part Transmission type

Hydrostatic transmission

/ Variable speed

Crawler width 150mm / 5.9in
Side clutch -

*Figures in parentheses for clearing height apply when the optional extension auger housing or auger housing guard is mounted.
*The dimension with the deflector folded down is the actual measurement.

Photo Product name Remarks
  Side marker (1 piece)  
  Seat cover  
Auger housing guard Auger housing guard  
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