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SA Gasoline/With small body blow snow completely!Fujii's long seller model.

SA Gasoline
Whole right side Front
Left side Rear Operation Panel
Top Operator's view

Maximum output8ps/7.9hp
Clearing width680mm/26.8inc


Maximum output6.3ps/6.2hp
Clearing width680mm/26.8inc

User's comments

Hugely Destructive Auger

All "Fujii Snow Rotary"s are two-stage snowblower and equipped with a large-diameter augers. The augers are supported at both sides. It gives the augers hugely destructive power.

Simple and handy snowblower for home use

*The clearing width is 680 mm/26.8inc. Two types of engines (6.3 ps and 8 ps) are available.

*The auger height can be adjusted with a foot pedal.

*Snow throw direction and distance can be set by moving the steering wheel and levers.

*The engine is started by stater motor (SA708MX1) and recoil starter (SA706MX1).

*SA708MX1 has headlamps equipped as standard equipment.

  SA706MX1 SA708MX1
Engine Model Mitsubishi GB180 Mitsubishi GB290
Type Air-cooled G 1 cylinder
Maximum output
4.6kW / 6.3PS / 6.2HP 5.9kW / 8PS / 7.9HP
Fuel tank capacity 3.6l /0.9gal 6.0L / 1.6gal
Start-up system Recoil Startermotor
Displacement 181cc 296cc
Performance Clearing width 680mm / 26.8in
Clearing height 450mm / 17.7in
Maximum clearing capacity 37t/h 50t/h
Maximum throw distance 15m / 16.4yd
Snow removing part Lift Foot
Rolling -
Chute adjustment Manual
Dimension Total length 1370mm / 53.9in
Total width 680mm / 26.8in
Total height
1050mm / 41.3in
Total weight 105kg / 231.5lbs 129kg / 284.4lbs
Driving part Speeds Friction wheel/Variable Speed
Crawler width 120mm / 4.7in
Side clutch -

*Figures in parentheses for clearing height apply when the optional extension auger housing or auger housing guard is mounted.
*The dimension with the deflector folded down is the actual measurement.

Photo Product name Remarks
Side marker (U-shaped) Side marker (U-shaped)  
  Seat cover  
Headlamp Headlamp SA706MX1
Auger housing guard Auger housing guard  
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