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Technical information

We develop technologies that support society.


Aqua press

Press forming that achieves forming of complex shapes and reduction of die cost

Aqua press machine Workpiece (example)
  • High dimensional accuracy with strong grip of dies
  • Less shock lines in forming and less surface scratches on pressed parts due to the use of liquid
  • Able to form complicated shapes that are impossible with conventional mechanical presses
  • Reduction of production steps by expanding the limit in deep-drawing
  • Reduction of die cost as liquid is used for the die

>>Click here for details of fluid forming

Combination machine

A state-of-the-art combination machine able to perform punching',laser processing and forming at one clamp

Combination machine Workpieces (example)
  • Clean cutting
  • High-speed,high quality burr-less machining
  • Stamping at a small frame width, controlling warpage
  • Integration of multiple steps and dieless machining by the use of forming tools

"Stable" function

Snowblower designed to control overhang and make the hand grip height constant

  • Compact snow removing part connection realized by the original technology
  • Reduced overhang by making the snowblower light and compact
  • Improved traveling performance
  • Improved operability
  • Easy operation with constant height of hand grips

"Lock-on" snow throwing function

Automatically controls the shooter to throw snow in the desired direction

  • The shooter turns automatically to concentrate snow at one location.
  • The shooter turns according to the traveling distance.
  • Snow throwing distance is adjustable.
  • Operation is easy as the hand grip height is constant.

* A video on the lock-on snow throwing function is available.

Click here for looking at a video on the lock-on snow throwing function

Windows Media Player の入手 Windows Media Player is needed to view the video.


Powder painting

Powder paint is used in the paint process.
It is all made of solid materials and no organic solvent (thinner, etc.) is used.
Therefore, it makes significantly less impact on the environment as compared to solvent-based paints.

Advantages of powder paint
Advantages of powder paint

We use paint and equipment that are environmentally and economically viable.

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