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Riding grass mower ME Type/High class model with massive equipments


Riding grass mower ME Type

Maximum output 19.2 ps /
Mowing width 970 mm

User's comment

large duaneter tire
Large diameter front tire

"ノ"shape rug pattern prevents the machine sides-lipping at circling. Ground contact area is up 7%.

easy footpedal
Easy foot-pedal

You can drive in a comfortable position.

Dynamic propotion
Dynamic proportion

The machine controls the damages for the orchard and trees. Further more it works and goes with the least resistance. The flat step and sheet with sliding and spring make comfortable position.

the steering wheel part
Variable mowing height control lever

The lever makes easier control of mowing height.

Electric mowing clutch
Electric mowing clutch

You just push the working switch to start mowing.

Fender to prevent twining
Wraparound prevention equipment

The fender prevent grass from twining inner front wheel.

Automatic Light
Automatic light(option)

The light turns off at light place automatically. On the other hands, it turns on at dark place, for example garage, deep grass place.

High tensil strength steels flame & working cover
High tinsel strength steel flame & working cover

The working cover is hard to change the shape and the body flame is stronger and lighter than ordinary pipe flame because of using high tinsel steels. Also you can

control the opening height of the working cover on 3 steps.

Diff lock pedal
Diff-Lock pedal

A diff-lock pedal makes safety when you work on slopes and irregular grounds.

Other equipments

* Emergency stop switch: The switch quickly makes the machines to  stop.

* Hour meter: It makes you know when to maintain the machine.


Model ME1022X1
Engine Model Kawasaki FS651V
Displacement(ml) 726
Type Air-cooled V-twin
OHV Gasoline Engine
Net output (kw/PS) 14.1 / 19.2
Start-up system Starter motor
Fuel tank capacity
(L /U.S. gal /UK gal)
14 / 3.68 / 3.08
Mowing part Mowing width (mm/in.) 950 / 38.19
Type of blade 1stay and 2 movable blades
Mowing height (mm/in.) 0 - 80 / 0 - 3.15
Work clutch Belt tension and work brake which is interlocked with the work clutch
Driving part Drive system No-stepped HST with sub transmission and differential lock
Forward High: 0 – 10.0
Low: 0 - 5.8
Backward High: 0 – 6.0
Low: 0 – 3.5
Base carrier Front 4.00 -7(φ350)
Rear 16 × 7.00 - 8 (φ400)
Steering system Round handle with rack & pinion
Dimensions: total length x total width x total height (mm/in.) 1930 × 1100 × 910
75.98 X 43.31 X 35.83
Total weight(kg/lb) 308 / 679.02
Others Head light Standard equipment
(option: automatic light)
Battery type 30A16R
Maximum work capacity(a/h) 80
Maximum angle of inclination
Less than 15


*The specification may be revised for improvement without notice.

Photo Product name
Kenin Traction hook
 Seat cover Seat cover
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