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Boom lift

Boom lift/ Extra safety features

Boom lift

Maximum output 6.3 ps


Wider Swing Boom

Traveling range (when the boom is horizontal) is 2.61m.
Ground height of the floor (mm)

More Safety & More Comfort

-Clutch Lock function
-Safety Starting function
-Automatic Speed Control function
-Safety Guard
-Double lock handle

Easy maintenance

You can open the engine cover without tools. "Lifting cylinder lock" helps you to overhaul and maintenance the machine safely.

Full-filling standard equipments

Container stand and seat cover,seat, weight are included as standard equipments.

Model HC350M2W
ENGINE Model Mitsubishi GB181LE
Type Air-cooled, 1 cylinder OHV, gasoline
Maximum output 4.6 kW / 6.3 PS / 6.2 HP
Net output -
Fuel tank capacity 3.6 L / 1.0 U.S.gal
Start up system Starter motor & Recoil
Engine displacement -
Maximum loading capacity 100 kg / 220.5 lbs.
Platform height 276 mm - 3530 mm /
10.9 in. - 139.0 in.
Type Hydraulic boom
Moving range*1 2850 mm / 112.2 in.
Turning angle of boom*2 27 degrees to each of left & right
DIMENSIONS Total length 3173 mm / 124.9 in.
Total width 1300 mm / 51.2 in.
Total height 1278 mm / 50.3 in.
Total weight 540 kg / 1190.5 lbs.
Travel system One step for forward & one for backward
Speed Forward 1.8 km/h
(0.9 km/h with the boom up)
Backward 1.8 km/h
(0.9 km/h with the boom up)
Base carrier Crawler
(width: 180 mm / 7.1 in.)
Steering system Side clutch with Gear dock
OTHERS Battery type 30A19R

*1 This distance is of the center of the work-platform when the boom is horizontal.
*2 The maximum angle of inclination for use is 5 degrees.

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