Boom lift


We gathered freauently asked questions.
Please refer this in case you have a question or a trouble.

Q1.How high does it reach?

2.5meters. You can reach approx 4m as you are on a gondola.

Q2.Does arm part extend?


Q3.Does it turn 360 degree?

No, it turn 72 degree, 2.6m is mooving range of the boom.

Q4.Does it carry container or luggage?

A container is arailable as an option.

Q5.What is maximum loading capacity?

Maximum 100kg with operator + luggage.

Q6.Does it collaps?

No, as long as operate it properly at a flat area.

Q7.Can it be used at a slope area?


Q8.Can it be carried by a ligh-truch?


Q9.Is chair available?

Yes, it's optional.

Q10.Frequently turn starter switch on and off.Will it be ok for cell-moter?

Yes, it is made to be used in that condition.

Q11.There is no rubber cover when pull off the key. Will there be any water problem?

A little bit water will be no problem. Please use a sheet cover and store it inside. When you wash it please avoid water goes into electrical parts.

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