Riding grass mower/ Hammer knife mower

Riding grass mower MB Type/Riding grass mower of ultimate ease of use.

Riding grass mower MB Type
Whole Right side Front
Left side Rear Top
Operator's view Engine

Maximum output21ps /
Mowing width (mm)950mm

User's comment

Free lock lever
Free lock lever allowing stepless selection of mowing height

Gas springs are used to reduce the force required to operate the lever.

the steering wheel part
The operating system is concentrated in the steering wheel part.

The choke knob and throttle lever are located in the steering wheel part near the engine key switch for easy operation.

Free lock lever
Minimum turning radius: 1850 mm

The large turning angle of the steering wheel makes it easy to make a U-turn at the edge of the field and enter a garage.

Cover and fuel tank
Compact cover and large-capacity fuel tank

The rear cover has a simple design. The fuel tank has a large capacity of 16 liters.

Model MB1021X1
Machine dimension
(Total length×Total width×Total height)(mm)
Machine weight (kg) 315
Mowing part Mowing width(mm) 950
Mowing part Knife stay: 1
Free knife: 2
Mowing height (mm) 0~80
(Stepless adjustment)
Clutch, brake Belt-tension system
(brake interlock)
Traveling part Drive system HST
(with auxiliary transmission and diff lock)
Vehicle speed (forward) High: 0 – 10.0 km/h
Low: 0 -5.8 km/h
Vehicle speed (backward) High: 0 – 6.0 km/h
Low: 0 – 3.5 km/h
Base carrier Front wheel: 3.50-7(φ350)
Rear wheel:16×7.00-8(φ400)
Steering system Round steering wheel, rack & pinion
Minimum turning radius(mm) 1850
Engine Model Kawasaki FH641V
Type Air-cooled V type two cylinders
OHV Gasoline Engine
Maximum output
Start-up system Cell starter
Fuel tank(L) 16
Others Headlamp Standard equipment (always on)
Battery type 30A19L
Maximum work efficiency 80a/h(Auxiliary transmission, high speed)
Maximum gradient for operation 15 degrees

*The specification may be revised for improvement without notice.

Photo Product name
Hour meter Hour meter
 Seat cover Seat cover
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