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Hammer knife mower MD Type/Hammer knife mower most suitable for mowing the grass in embankments and fruit orchards

Hammer knife mower MD Type
Whole Right side Front
Left side Rear Operation panel
Top Operator's view Engine

Maximum output13ps /
Mowing width (mm)800mm

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Movable operation panel
Movable operation panel

The operation panel can be moved manually up to 30 degrees to the right and left. It can be adjusted horizontal when operating the machine on a slope.

mowing part lift
The mowing part lift can be operated easily with a hydraulic cylinder

This makes it easy to load and unload a truck and to climb over bumps during transportation and operation.

Floating mechanism incorporated into the mowing part

The mowing part automatically moves up and down, facilitating smooth and easy operation on a rough ground.

Floating mechanism image
Designed for excellent
Designed for excellent traveling performance and safety

* Low center of gravity enables stable operation.

* A crawler is used for the traveling part for enhanced traveling performance and stability on rough grounds.

* The engine output is higher than is required for the prescribed mowing width, enabling efficient mowing of dense grass.

Model MD813M 1
Engine Model Mitsubishi GM401PE
Displacement (ml) 391
Type Air-cooled OHV gasoline engine
Maximum output (kw / PS) 9.6 / 13
Start up system Starter motor
Capacity of fuel tank
(L/ U.S gal/ UK gal)
6/ 1.58 /1.32
Mowing part Mowing width (mm/in.) 800 /31.50
Type of blade 54 movable hammer blades
on single shaft
Mowing height (mm/in.) 10 – 70 /0.39-2.76
Work clutch Belt tension and work brake which is interlocked with the work clutch
Driving part Drive system HST with sub transmission
Speed (km/h) Forward High: 0-3.5 Low: 0-1.2
Backward High: 0-2.1 Low: 0-0.6
Base carrier Front Crawler (width: 180 mm / 7.09 in.)
Steering system Side clutch with gear dock
Dimensions: total length x total width x total height (mm / in.) 2170x970x980 /
Total weight (kg / lb) 347 / 764.32
Others Headlamp Standard equipment
Battery type 30A19L
Maximum work capacity (a/h) 23
Maximum angle of inclination (degree) 25

The specification may be revised for improvement without notice.

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