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Riding grass mower MF Type/High class model with massive equipments

Riding grass mower MF Type

output(net power)15.4ps /
Mowing width (mm)970mm

HST foot pedal & hand lever
Standard equipments: HST Foot pedal & Hand lever

You can choose HST foot pedal or hand lever to drive.
When you let go of the pedal at your driving, the machine slows down at once. Pedal and lever are selectively used, as needed.

the steering wheel part
Free lock lever

Free lock lever makes easier control of mowing height.


We put the center of gravity at the center of machine. It makes driving stable uphill. Rods make the machine mowing evenly.

Large diameter front tire
Large diameter front tire

"ノ"shape rug pattern prevents the machine sideslipping at circling. Ground contact area is up 7%.

large capacity fuel tank
Large capacity fuel tank

Capacity of fuel tank is 16L. You can work for a long time.

Engine Model Kawasaki FS541V
Displacement (ml) 603
Type Air-cooled, V-twin OHV, gasoline engine
Net output (kw / PS) 11.3 / 15.4
Start up system Starter motor
Capacity of fuel tank
(L / U.S. gal / UK gal)
16 /4.21 / 3.52
Mowing part Mowing width (mm / in.) 970 / 38.19
Type of blade 1 stay and 2 movable blades
Mowing height (mm / in.) 30-90 / 1.18-3.54
Work clutch Belt tension and work brake which is interlocked with the work clutch
Driving part Drive system No-stepped HST with sub transmission and differential lock
Speed (km/h) Forward High: 0-10 Low: 0-5.8
Backward High: 0-4.5 Low: 0-2.6
Base carrier Front 4.00-7, φ400
Rear 16x7.00-8, φ400
Base carrier Front wheel: 4.00-7(φ400)
Rear wheel:16×7.00-8(φ400)
Steering system Round handle with rack and pinion
Dimensions: total length x total width x total height (mm / in.) 1890×1060×890 /74.41x41.73x35.04
Total weight (kg / lb) 302 / 665.20
Others Headlamp Standard equipment
Battery type 30A19L
Maximum work capacity (a/h) 70
Gradient for operation less than 15 degrees


*The specification may be revised for improvement without notice.

*Engine output signifies net output, and net power measurement test is based on

SAE J 1349. However, actual output is changed by various elements; engine speed, environmental condition, maintenance, and so on.

*Vehicle speed is indicated with the calculation value. Sometimes actual speed has nearly 10% loss because of road surface condition and, the pedal handling and the lever handling has speed difference.


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Kenin Traction hook
 Seat cover Seat cover
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