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Boom lift

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The engine revolution counter is set on
the operation panel.

You can choose the most suitable amount
of discharging water by the throttle operation,
enable to work with great efficiency.

Excellent workability

The pump is placed offset to the left front for easy hose connection.
Use 4 inches (B beltx3 ) of drive pulley, which is safe even for long hours of work.

Excellent mobility

Travel part demonstrates high running performance with the suspension of full crawler with
extensive achievements.
Possible to adjust the speed finely with HST (with sub transmission).

Reliable maintenance

Fujii is a long-time partner and stays close to our customers with steady supply of spare parts
and technical support.

Model new!
Model Mitsubishi L3E
Type Water-cooled diesel engine(3 cylinder)
Maximum output 14.7 kw / 20 ps / 19.7 hp
Fuel tank capacity 25 L
Start-up system Starter motor
Displacement 952 cc
MOUNTED PUMP Model Karui KLO-651
Maximum discharge amount 105 0L/min.
Pulley size 4 in. (LB-35 3 belts)
Diameter 6 5mm / 2.6 in.
DIMENSIONS Total length 2265 mm / 89.2 in.
Total width 1133 mm / 44.6 in.
Total height 1115 mm / 43.9 in
Total weight 650 kg / 1433.0 lbs
TRAVEL SECTION Travel system HST Variable speed(with Sub trasmission)
Travel clutch Belt tension
Side clutch Dog clutch
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