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Bush cutter MH Type/easy and safe!


Bush cutter MH Type

Maximum output1.73ps /
Mowing width (mm)520mm

Fujii original "double cutter system"

The pair of blade makes weeds cut, swept, gathered and discharged smoothly. Clippings are gathered at the center then, they are conveyed and discharged at the rear.

Safety work

The mowing parts is located anteriorly, so it stays away from the operator. Therefore, the operator can use the machine safely.

Easy operation

There are only two levers; throttle lever and clutch lever.
You can use the machine without complicated operations.

Flexible response for various conditions

The mowing hight and the handle hight is adjustable at the three levels.

The tired is adjustable at the four levels.



Lightweight and compact

The weight is 32kg., so it is easy to handle even to the elderly.

You can carry "Corta" in the small car, if you fold the Corta's handle.



Easy maintenance

There are no belt for the power transmission. You don't need to change the belts.


Model MH502M
ENGINE Model Mitsubishi TLE43
Displacement 42.7ml.
Type Air-cooled Gasoline Engine
Net output 1.27kw/1.73PS
Start-up system Recoil starter
Fuel tank capacity 0.9L/0.2U.S. gal.
MOWING PARTS Mowing width (mm/in.) 520mm/ 20.5in.
Mowing height 500mm/ 16.7 in.
Maximum work capacity 750㎡/0.2A
DRIVING PARTS Speed 1.6k/m
DIMENSIONS Total length 990mm/ 39.0in.
Total width 540mm/ 21.3in.
Total height 880mm/ 34.6in.
Total weight 32kg/ 70.6lb.


*The specification may be revised for improvement without notice.

Photo Product name
"Fin" helps the mowed grass sent backward.
 Seat cover
"Wheel cover" reduce to scatter of the mowed grass.
Wheel cover
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