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Boom lift

Boom lift/ Extra safety features

Boom lift

Maximum output6.3ps

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User's comments

More safety style

Travel clutch lock, Starting safety mechanics, Control travel speed mechanics, and Safety gard give you safer work.

Simple operation system

* It is easy to work turning and up-down of the boom by pedal side your foot.

* It is smooth to restart the engine for equiping with choke lever in hand newly.

Improvement in maintenance

* Rising cylinder lock mechanics gives you safer inspection and maintenance to fix the boom.

* It is easy to inspect and repaire the engine cover without  tool.

More comfotable operation

To reduce swing and noise at time of work to adopt the rubber to keep from swing.

Model HB350M
(Total length x Total width x Total height) (mm)
3180 x 1280 x 1295
Weight (kg) 413
Traveling part Drive system Single step (forward)' single step (backward)
Vehicle speed (forward) While traveling: 1.8 km/h
While the boom is ascending: 0.9 km/h
Vehicle speed (backward) While traveling: 1.8 km/h
While the boom is ascending: 0.9 km/h
Base carrier Rubber crawler
width: 160 mm
Steering system Side clutch (Gear dock)
Engine Model Mitsubishi GM182LE
Type Air-cooled OHV gasoline engine
Maximum output kw(PS) 4.4(6.0)
Start-up system Cell starter (recoil)
Fuel tank (L) 3.8
Work stand Maximum load capacity (kg) 100
Ground height of the floor (mm) 260-3500
System Boom system (hydraulic)
Traveling range (when the boom is horizontal)(mm) 1770 (traveling distance of the gondola center)
Traverse angle 18 degrees to the right and left respectively
Battery type 30A19R

* This specification may be revised for improvement without notice.
* The maximum gradient for operation is 5 degrees.

Photo Product name
Seat cover Sheet cover
Container stand Container stand
Weight Weight
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