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Boom lift

Boom lift/ Small and handy boom lift most suitable for use in fruits orchards

Boom lift with wide crawler

Maximum output6ps

Boom lift
Whole Right side Front
Left side Rear Work stand
Top Operator's view Engine

Maximum output6ps

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wider crawler
Wider crawler equipped (HAW250M2W)

HA250M2W is equipped with a crawler 200mm wide. right and left fall angle and you can work safely at slope ground.

Conpact body
Simple and easy-to-use small machine

Although reasonably priced' this is a user-friendly and well-equipped machine with an optimum gravity balance.
Because it is compact' it is easy to turn and occupies less storage space.
(Boom length: 2000 mm / Distance between crawlers: 1120 mm)

Safe and comfortable gondola

The gondola is equipped with a holdable hand-grip for easy entry and double-locked to ensure safety during work. The height of the step guard is adequate to make it easy for the operator to get into the gondola.

Easy-to-operate hydraulic boom

The boom is hydraulic and easy to operate with a foot pedal of the gondola. It is designed to prevent a sudden drop while the boom is descending.

hydraulic boom
Engine cover
Engine cover enabling easy maintenance

The engine cover can also be removed when the boom is at the lowest position. Refueling and use of the recoil starter are possible without removing the engine cover.

Security design and wide-ranged options

* Security design that automatically lowers the engine rpm when the boom goes above horizontal.

* Wide-ranged options' such as weight' container stand' seat cover' etc.

Model HA250M2W HA250M2
ENGINE Model Mitsubishi GB181LE
Type Air-cooled, 1 cylinder OHV, gasoline engine
Maximum output 4.6kW / 6.3PS /6.2HP
Net output -
Fuel tank capacity 3.6L / 1.0U.S.gal
Start up system Starter motor & recoil
Engine displacement -
Maximum loading capacity 100kg / 220.5lbs.
Platform height 260-2500mm / 10.2-98.4in.
Type Hydraulic boom
Moving range *1 2600mm / 102.4in.
Turning angle of boom*2 37 degree
to each of left & right
DIMENSION Total length 2440mm /96.1in.
Total width 1320mm /52.0in. 1280mm/50.4in.
Total height 1160mm /45.7in.
Total weight 375kg /826.9lbs. 335kg/738.5lbs.
Drive system One step for forward and one for backward
Speed Forward 1.9k/m
(0.9 with the boom up)
Backward 1.9k/m
(0.9 with the boom up)
Base carrier Crawler
(width: 200 mm /7.9in.)
(width: 160 mm /6.3in.)
Steering system Side clutch with gear dock
OTHERS Battery type 30A19R

*1 The distance is of the center of the work platform when the boom is horizontal.
●The maximum angle of inclination for use is 5 degrees.

Photo Product name
Seat cover Sheet cover
Container stand Container stand
Weight Weight
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