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Boom lift

Boom lift/ Extra safety features

Boom lift

Maximum output6.3ps


Wider Swing Boom

Traveling range (when the boom is horizontal) is 2.61m.
Ground height of the floor (mm)

More Safety & More Comfort

-Clutch Lock function
-Safety Starting function
-Automatic Speed Control function
-Safety Guard
-Double lock handle

Easy maintenance

You can open the engine cover without tools. "Lifting cylinder lock" helps you to overhaul and maintenance the machine safely.

Model HC350M1W
ENGINE Model Mitsubishi GB181LE
Type Air-cooled, 1 cylinder OHV, gasoline
Maximum output 4.6kW/ 6.3PS/ 6.2HP
Net output -
Fuel tank capacity 3.6L/ 1.0U.S.gal
Start up system Starter motor & Recoil
Engine displacement -
Maximum loading capacity 100kg/ 220.5lbs.
Platform height 260-3500mm/10.2-137.8in
Type Hydraulic boom
Moving range*1 2610mm /102.8in.
Turning angle of boom*2 27 degrees to each of left & right
DIMENSION Total length 3180mm/ 125.2in.
Total width 1300mm/51.2in.
Total height 1295mm/ 51.0in.
Total weight 534kg/ 1177.3lbs.
Drive system One step for forward & one for backward
Speed Forward 1.8k/m
(0.9k/m with the boom up)
Backward 1.8k/m
(0.9k/m with the boom up)
Base carrier Crawler
(width: 180 mm/7.1in.)
Steering system Side clutch with Gear dock
OTHERS Battery type 30A19R

*1 This distance is of the center of the work-platform when the boom is horizontal.
*2 The maximum angle of inclination for use is 5 degrees.

Photo Product name
Seat cover Sheet cover
Container stand Container stand
Weight Weight
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