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Christmas in Japan vol.1

I am going to introduce Christmas in Japan around Niigata area, where Fujii Corporation is located.

Spending Christmas

 When I think of Christmas in Japan it is time for having parties. In Japan Christmas Eve tends to be more exciting than actual Christmas day.

I think Japanese like to do with "EVE" e.g. New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve etc.


- Family -

  Some family have a home party. They have a Christmas dinner. Parents give gifts for their children. The children's heart has been pounding heavily until getting the gifts.

 The day is kind of special day for Japanese children because  they get little bit expensive gifts.

christmas with family

- Young people -

  Japanese young people have parties at a restaurant, a karaoke place, or their house.

 Some people wear Santa claus or reindeer costume but personally I never done that. They enjoy chatting with having Christmas foods and beverages.

 Most of people exchange gifts at the end of the party. They pass gifts  with Christmas music or ballot for precedence to choose them.

christamas with young people

- Couple -

 Many Japanese couples goes to a restaurant e.g. French, or Italian restaurant. They like romantic atmosphere.

 I do not know the reason, but Christmas is a special day for Japanese couples.


christmas with couple

christmas dinner

This time I introduced the brief outline of Christmas in Japan.

Next time I am going to introduce Christmas trees in Niigata area and so on.


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